Take your business forward.

anywhere, any time.

Use cases for Unicom’s cloud-based communication system are endless. It provides your business with unmatched scalability and portability. Our technology supports your team’s collaboration and growth, granting you the flexibility to easily adapt to the constantly evolving demands of an ever-growing market.

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On-Site or On-the-Go, Stay Connected

On all locations

Whether you work from your house’s commodity or alongside your peers in the office, Unicom’s highly adaptable communication solutions will enable you an enriched teamwork experience. Work in the way that suits you the best, while retaining and enhancing productivity.

Secure & Comprehensive

Cloud-based collaboration

Our software provides your team with a seamless and unified long-distance work experience by integrating video conferencing, chat, and instant messaging— all in a secure platform with built-in disaster recovery that’ll keep you on the cloud regardless of the situation. 

The All-In-One, In-House

communications Solution

Growth is pricy, but Unicom keeps it within your reach. Our bundles are reliable and affordable, including all the advanced features you’ll need to continue scaling your business. Spare your budget the costs of expensive infrastructure, overpriced technicians, or absurd maintenance fees; with Unicom, you get it all in one package.


An Affordable & Scalable

Fix for Large Enterprises

Our comprehensive suite of communication tools makes Unicom the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes looking for more security. Make and receive calls and messages from anywhere, and chat or host virtual meetings with your team and customers. Stay connected, productive, and most importantly, secure.   

And the best part:

It's Easy to use!

Receive all the advanced features you need to elevate your business use cases, beyond the sky and experience the benefits of unified cloud-based communications. Then, choose if you want to remain above the clouds for good— no strings attached!

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