Take Your Sales to the Next Level with CRM Phone System Integration

Take Your Sales to the Next Level with CRM Phone System Integration - Featured Image

More and more communication providers are offering CRM phone system integrations for their cloud-based phone system offerings. And why wouldn’t they? In the last few years, CRM usage has grown exponentially. From 2019 to 2020, cloud-based CRM usage among businesses increased from 56% to 74% and it shows no signs of slowing. But what has prompted this sudden spike? The effectiveness of CRM tools when it comes to landing, and closing, new deals. Over 87% of consumers who utilize a CRM say that the biggest benefit is more closed deals in a shorter amount of time.  

With a CRM phone system integration, sales teams can tailor their communication to each potential customer, understand what products they’re interested in and keep track of what’s been said to whom. It’s no surprise that most companies are already integrating their CRM software with their email system to capture these interactions. Because the more information your sales team has, the better they can perform.

87% of consumers experienced sales improvements
-Forrester Research

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Benefits of CRM Phone System Integrations  

Email may be the go-to communication method, but don’t forget about the power of a good old phone call. Some customers and prospects still prefer it! It’s crucial to record all the important details from these conversations in your CRM. This simple step can give your sales team and your business some significant advantages, like: 

1) Improved Efficiency and Customer Experiences 

Picture this: your sales team is on the phone with a potential customer, and with just a few clicks, they can access the caller’s CRM profile. This profile includes valuable information like: 

  • Website history 
  • Past purchases  
  • Recently viewed items and more! 

With this data at their fingertips, your salesperson can quickly understand the caller’s needs and provide helpful insights. That’s the power of a CRM phone system integration! 

By linking your CRM and your cloud-based phone system, you can keep all your customer’s email, chat, and call records in one place. This leads to faster conversations, shorter sales cycles, and, ultimately, happier customers.

2) Call Logging in Real-Time 

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for call records and transcripts! With a CRM phone system integration, all this information is conveniently located within a tool your team is already using. No more digging around. Plus, some integrations offer free transcription services for incoming and outgoing calls! 

But that’s not all. The integration can also capture additional details such as the type of device used, call type, and the date and time of the call. This information is invaluable for your sales team. They can use it to determine how prospects prefer to contact them and when they’re most available for a chat. 

3) Improved Sales Team Management 

CRM phone integration isn’t just great for the sales team, but it can also benefit management. They offer valuable analytics for individual team members, including the number of calls they handle each day, the number of callers who hang up, the average call time, and the average wait time. 

This data is like gold for managers! It can help pinpoint areas for improvement within the team, boost employee performance, and fine-tune current training procedures. With this information at their fingertips, team managers can take action to optimize their team’s performance and reach new levels of success. 

4) Better Collaboration between Marketing & Sales 

You already know that CRM software is crucial for your sales team, but guess what? It’s also vital for your marketing team! By having a complete view of your customers and prospects, marketing can analyze their behavior, create winning campaign strategies, and generate advertisements that speak directly to their needs. 

All these efforts work together to attract the right kind of prospects, making it easier to convert them into customers and boosting your overall revenue. That’s why it’s a no-brainer to encourage collaboration between your sales and marketing teams within the CRM phone system integration. When everyone is on the same page, the possibilities for success are endless!

Benefits of CRM phone system integrations:
- Improved efficiency and customer experiences
- Improved sales team management
- Call logging in real-time
- Better collaboration between marketing and sales

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